Batavia Cove
It’s time to re-imagine the public spaces by turning it into a meaningful five-senses experience.
Marcella Suwandi
STRATEGIST Anita Arnovidya Armen
COPYWRITER Sarah Sjafina


Have you been dreaming of spending your day by the bay? Gathering with your closed ones with just enough comfortable spaces in between?That said, we’re grateful to be part of the excitement in creating new retail experience that is inclusive for everyone with friendlier approach to deal with the current issue. We try to re-imagine what it feels like to honor oceanic living beings and objects while indulge in the contemporary sense of fishermanship.



Agung Sedayu Group has cordially given us the room of opportunity to translate that vision into reality through a meaningful 5-senses experience at Batavia Cove. Thus, we gladly invite you to encounter our collaborative re-interpretation of the community experience that we currently need. As we dive deeper into it, the future possibility waits to be unveiled.