Bukit Timah
Food is the gateway to many of life’s blessings. It tells untold tales, it ignites the spirit, it lights up wary hearts. Thus is the story behind Bukit Timah’s authentic dining experience.
GRAPHIC DESIGNER Florencia Evangeline
Lintang Kirana Sitaputri
ACCOUNT MANAGER Dyataftiani Mevilia Vutri Pratama


Those who know how to thoroughly enjoy good food know how to thoroughly enjoy life.

More than just delicacies, Bukit Timah serves the warmth of mindfulness on a plate. It was inspired to honor and recall traditional Chinese cuisine and culture that holds profound stories to be shared with your loved ones.



The signature logo is mindfully inspired by the ethereal allure of nature at Bukit Timah. It portrays the organic seamless stream of water that gives a sense of pleasantry and comfort, the way a family does.

Through the picturesque portrayal of nature and warm colors, Bukit Timah strives to provide a hands-on experience on how food can be of great benefit to our well-being.

The taste of a heartfelt home.



We started with a very organic process by painting and making shapes with brushes through our own hands. We attempted to manifest a real collaboration between human and nature.

The logogram is inspired by elements of nature from the stream of a river to the contour of a leaf as well as by the shape of a child’s body that is in the process of learning.