Jakarta is packed—both literally and figuratively. Long days and even longer nights eventually creeps in after a while. When the exhaustion settles and rest is of utmost importance, Merene comes in.
GRAPHIC DESIGNER Arief Rahman Ghazali
Florencia Evangeline
MOTION ARTIST Aditya Mahatma Putra
COPYWRITER Sarah Sjafina


Chasing after different directions, everyone has one thing in mind: when will I finally get there? As suggested by its name, which means ‘come here’ in Javanese, Merene offers a place to rest your weary minds upon. Find yourself breathe easy for once as you sip a cup of your favorite drink accompanied by delightful homemade delicacies.



Jakarta is a city of dream-chasers. Visions of a better future fuel those who seek it. Flying off one place to land on another, on their feet as soon as the sun rises and stays in motion even hours after it came down. As depicted by its logogram, Merene is a nest for those looking for rest. Warmth colors its walls. Familiarity seeps through the blinds and onto the table. Just enough peace until you’re ready to soar the sky once again. Life is indeed packed. But here, in Merene, it doesn’t have to be.