Naked Press
Re-imagining a healthier lifestyle in a more fun, easy, and simple way.
VISUAL ARTIST Timothy Hendrawan
Jessica Elian
Arief Rahman Ghazali
Anita Arnovidya Armen


As a brand that has been campaigning on healthy diet, Naked Press wanted to have new way in delivering the message. Something that is fresh, relevant, and easier to digest for the wider audience.



Based on our findings, the sentiment about health often times viewed as intimidating, expensive, and frustrating. As a result, it makes people reluctant to start. Against this prevailing stigma, Naked Press is present to tackle this challenge. Offering more than just healthier diet alternatives, Naked Press aspires to be a safe and inclusive platform where people can achieve their healthy goals in a simpler and more fulfilling way.



Think about a guy that stretched out on the sofa after a long day. He's wondering what to do with the leftovers in the fridge. How he can possibly make a slightly healthier version of his favorite food. In response to this daily rumination, Naked Press understands being healthy all the time is not possible. So, instead of only warning the audience on what not to consume, creative solutions on what we can make out of what we have can be an exciting choice for our audience. Whether it's for weekly dinner preparation or some nutrition knowledge, it's important to provide information that is conveyed in a fun, friendly, inviting, and welcoming manner. Naked Press aims to shift customer perspective to be more open to a healthy life, through playful identity without jeopardizing its core brand purpose.