Pantjoran Chinatown
Celebrating the history and heritage of a chinatown goes beyond what the eyes can perceive. The heart of peranakan culture lies in its festivity—and its love of life itself.
Marcella Suwandi
ACCOUNT MANAGER Anita Arnovidya Armen
COPYWRITER Anastasya Susanto


As a tight-knit community of diverse bloodlines, the one thing that binds peranakan people together is their never-ending eagerness to gather and celebrate. People gather, laugh, and share their lives with one another. They talk about what’s past and what’s to come, taking delight in the possibilities of upcoming festivities. Pantjoran is indeed a space for joy and excitement.



With that in mind, we set out to provide Pantjoran with a look which perfectly conveys its visions. Rustic hues of nostalgia come together as they relay the dynamic nature of human connections. Oriental ornaments create spaces for authentic peranakan culture to shine. Both the logomark and logotype lets festivity and warmth occupy every corner.