PON Papua
As one of the most awaited events nation-wide, Pekan Olahraga Nasional XX signifies a turning point in the history of Indonesia.
GRAPHIC DESIGNER Arief Rahman Ghazali
Florencia Evangeline
Marcella Suwandi
MOTION ARTIST Aditya Mahatma Putra


After being held off during the pandemic, Pekan Olahraga Nasional XX brings about a fresh wind. Thousands of athletes, managers, supporters come together in a celebration of our collective awakening. It signifies the spirit of our lands, and the perseverance of our people. It is a momentum of change.



We wanted to bring this raw vision of enthusiasm alive. In the making of PON XX’s opening animation, we made sure to highlight all things lovable about Indonesia: the majestic magnificence of the island of Papua and its culture, the euphoric joy of the events, and the grit of our competing athletes. Perfected with a touch of childlike wonder, this opening act signifies a brand new page brimming with hopeful prayers of our people.