The pandemic showcases humanity at its most vulnerable state. Despite its aftereffects, this global phenomenon strengthens the bond we share as humankind. It shows the length of how willing we are to find new ways to connect and delight in each other’s presence even more than ever before. Through our collective trials and tribulations, kindness perseveres.
GRAPHIC DESIGNER Florencia Evangeline
MOTION ARTIST Aditya Mahatma Putra
ACCOUNT MANAGER Anita Arnovidya Armen
COPYWRITER Sarah Sjafina


Life has drastically taken a turn after the pandemic. While it has indeed changed our world, our routine, and our life, it hasn’t changed our will to share joy with others. If anything, it made us cherish the days we spend with our loved ones all the more. Through our newfound sense of community, we learn how to navigate life as is. Hence, Realfood’s Ramadhan #KebaikanKecilYangBesar campaign was brought to life.



Although this Ramadhan differs quite significantly to the ones we usually have, it is a season of shared benevolence worth celebrating. We believe that we can still share the holy month’s love and joy despite the distance. #KebaikanKecilYangBesar is a humble invitation to those who embrace similar values. The vast variety of media each convey a meaningful message of hope.