Committing to a more sustainable future goes beyond than just producing fewer carbon emissions. By breaking the boundaries of a regular EV, SMev aspires to be at the forefront of a movement towards a more sustainable future that doesn’t care only for the environment but also attempts to empower the community.
MOTION ARTIST Aditya Mahatma Putra
ACCOUNT MANAGER Dyataftiani Mevilia Vutri Pratama
COPYWRITER Anastasya Olivia



Currently, most electric motor brands only focus on technical specifications and the bare minimum of environmental commitment.

However, aside from conducting environmentally responsible behavior, empowering social and economic development are also needed to guarantee an integrated management of the natural ecosystem and to improve the quality of life.


Here, we visualized SMev core positioning to be a space for sustainable champions that carries personal expression & aspiration.

The framework embodies multivocality and pluralism with a vibrant and adaptive approach to color and form. The logomark can adopt colors or materials outside of the identity’s neutral base to complement the featured content.



SMev is present to break the boundaries beyond than just a regular EV proposition. Positioned as #NotYourRegularEV, it attempts to be the pioneer of a movement that invites people to be The Sustainable Champion and become a part of the solution in resolving sustainability matters.

As part of the brand commitment to uplift the community further, SMev aims to become the one and only Indonesian EV brand that is entirely manufactured by non-manufacturer local SMEs with totally customizable parts to cater the passion of each and every adventurous soul through multifaceted forms of expression.