Our special collaboration with Sokola Institute to celebrate the diversity of education inspired by the situated knowledge of Indigenous Peoples.
GRAPHIC DESIGNER Florencia Evangeline
MOTION ARTIST Aditya Mahatma Putra
COPYWRITER Sarah Sjafina


There are innumerable ways of interpreting life that ultimately make a difference for each human being for living it.

Correspondingly, this difference is apparent in the lives of Indigenous Peoples. The way they are inspired by the sincerity and wisdom of the life that surrounds them has led them to create a variety of meaningful education models. This distinctive way of learning thus evoke our curiosity to have a deeper understanding about it.

Through RAGAM, we humbly walk hand in hand with Sokola Institute to create a space that welcome the wider audience to know more about this different method of learning. This opportunity is hoped to open the door of learning from each other and celebrate the diversity of education together.



We started with a very organic process by painting and making shapes with brushes through our own hands. We attempted to manifest a real collaboration between human and nature.

The logogram is inspired by elements of nature from the stream of a river to the contour of a leaf as well as by the shape of a child’s body that is in the process of learning.



Through campaign #RAGAM and #SamaSamaBelajar, we humbly invite a wider urban community to take part in understanding and celebrating the diversity of education.

Together with Sokola Institute, we’d like to provide a way of learning from one another in a form of collaborative audio-visual artwork and programs to engage a wider audience. We believe that differences shouldn’t be a barrier for us to learn from each other. Differences actually constitute a variety from which we can learn many things, only when we’re willing to understand it.