The Springs
Reserved for the passionate minds to grow the seed of their dreams into a fruitful reality, The Springs is a space to enter a new season of life at the heart of Jimbaran.
VISUAL ARTIST Arief Rahman Ghazali
Florencia Evangelines
MOTION ARTIS Aditya Mahatma
STRATEGIST Nadya Nazneen
ACCOUNT MANAGER Dyataftiani Mevilia Vutri Pratama


Baby birds start to sing. Fresh leaves start to appear on trees. The colour of the grass becomes greener. The flower buds are ready to bloom. Everything is blossoming as they welcome the new season of life.In pursuit of more peaceful place to live, our Islands of Paradise has become the portal for the passionate minds to transport into a realm glimmered with the light of hope. Finding solace in the new beginning that rejuvenates our energy and nurtures our creativity. Giving birth to reality the long awaited dreams at The Springs.



To crystallize this spirit, no particular flower is intentionally chosen because every flower grows in its own timing. It gets more beautiful in its own way. With this, we honor the natural process of every flower that goes through changes. As we try to look closer at our beautiful nature, we are inspired by the dragonfly that represents re-birth as it goes into metamorphosis and evolve into a completely different creature. Its presence is also indicative of a healthy environment that is in alignment with the natural climate.



To welcome every new coming day, we are humbled to see authentic Balinese way of offering their token of thankfulness to the Gods that always provide balance and peace. “Canang Sari” is crafted with the flowers placed on it. Each colour symbolizes the power of each Balinese Gods that reside on every compass of the earth. As it is always re-newed to welcome each day that comes, its vibrant hues inspire our colourways.