Pulau Macan
Beyond the Islands of Paradise, Pulau Macan has its own unique magnificence that nurtures people's well-being amidst the urban hustle bustle
GRAPHIC DESIGNER Florencia Evangelines
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Dyataftiani Mevilia Vutri Pratama


Beyond than the Islands of Paradise, each and every island of Nusantara has its own story. It is encompassed by long-lasting trails of wisdom paved by humble cultural values in living a way of life that embrace harmony with one another and the greater nature. One of the most direct way to experience this magnificence is through a holistic tourism. In the last decades, it has gained strength in the modern world with tourists pursuing programs and experiences that they believe will help them find a grounded footing with their heavy schedule.


With this spirit, Pulau Macan aims to bring a sense of balance to the well-being of urban citizens living in the hustle bustle of Jakarta. At the same time, this transformative five-senses experience becomes a way of giving back to support the betterment of our environment. Located only a couple of hours away from Jakarta, Pulau Macan aspire to accommodate ease for those who seek to experience a meaningful retreat away from the city.



It is here for those who needs a supportive ecosystem to rest, heal, and re-connect with themselves. It is here for those who seek what it means to live. Those who wonder if there is any other way of living. A space exclusive to the mind yet inclusive to anyone. For those whose minds do not search for an escape, change is both accessible and inevitable. They always strive to open every gate of life illuminated by the light of purpose. As how an island does.