Creation Phases

We believe in a meticulous design process. Here, we divided ours into 3 particular steps to ensure all are aligned from end-to-end.


Brand Audit
Target Audience
Cultural Context
Competitive Landscape

& Design

Brand Identity Concept
Naming & Narrative
Visual & Nuance Direction
Creative Masterplan


Visual Identity System
Creative Strategy
Brand Experience

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Ambarrukmo breathes, speaks, and listens to the beating heart of Nusantara. It stands proud in the city of Yogyakarta as a gateway to Javanese heritage.
It’s time to re-imagine the public spaces by turning it into a meaningful five-senses experience.
To honour our ancestral legacy and memorializing the glory, hence, the new Batavia was born—Batavia PIK.
Food is the gateway to many of life’s blessings. It tells untold tales, it ignites the spirit, it lights up wary hearts. Thus is the story behind Bukit Timah’s authentic dining experience.
Introducing a fresh, healthy take on one of the most family-friendly, easy to-go meals: lunchboxes!
What is an island but the purest reflection of its inhabitant's past, present, and future tenses? What is a traveler but a meaning-seeker? What is luxury without sustainability? Komodo aims to redefine travel through authentic, responsible experiences of an in-depth journey of its natural beauty and culture.
A curatorial space for fashion enthusiasts to embrace and celebrate the joy of collaboration.
Jakarta is packed—both literally and figuratively. Long days and even longer nights eventually creeps in after a while. When the exhaustion settles and rest is of utmost importance, Merene comes in.
Re-imagining a healthier lifestyle in a more fun, easy, and simple way.
Celebrating the history and heritage of Chinatown goes beyond what the eyes can perceive. The heart of Peranakan culture lies in its festivity—and its love of life itself.
As one of the most awaited events nation-wide, Pekan Olahraga Nasional XX signifies a turning point in the history of Indonesia.
The pandemic showcases humanity at its most vulnerable state. Despite its aftereffects, this global phenomenon strengthens the bond we share as humankind. It shows the length of how willing we are to find new ways to connect and delight in each other’s presence even more than ever before. Through our collective trials and tribulations, kindness perseveres.
Committing to a more sustainable future goes beyond than just producing fewer carbon emissions. By breaking the boundaries of a regular EV, SMev aspires to be at the forefront of a movement towards a more sustainable future that doesn’t care only for the environment but also attempts to empower the community.
Our special collaboration with Sokola Institute to celebrate the diversity of education inspired by the situated knowledge of Indigenous Peoples.
Reserved for the passionate minds to grow the seed of their dreams into a fruitful reality, The Springs is a space to enter a new season of life at the heart of Jimbaran.
The sheer passion and commitment towards a sustainable harmony between nature and technology have brought us here. As we move forward, may we collectively inch closer and closer towards Utopia.
With more than 50 inspiring panelists attending from all around the world, V20 2022 Summit celebrates what it means to hold our values at the center of our day-to-day life.
Beyond the Islands of Paradise, Pulau Macan has its own unique magnificence that nurtures people's well-being amidst the urban hustle bustle
The true essence of coffee, we brew celebration for life’s abundance that brings us together.
Inspired by the greatest form of love, The Garden of Sacred Rose blooms in divine florescence.
Beyond than a mere memorial park, Taman Sentul acts as a sanctuary that nurtures relationship, honors the afterlife, and provides a space for contemplation.